Monday, March 27, 2006

Mar. 24

The rest of spring break was disengaged. 24th, I watched a movie at home. I borrow a DVD from my cousin. It is Shrek2. That movie was not difficult and so funny. I like it.

Mar. 23

The days in NY were great. There was full of people and buildings, but maybe people who live in NY are too busy to see the sky. Buildings don't allow to see the sky also. The day 23rd, we left NY. That day, I saw the Goddess of Liberty is knocked-down statue. NY trip was great. I could saw many new things. NY is animated but full of avarice.

Mar. 20

I went to New York with my cousin. He is 3years older than me, and he lives here for 6years. His spring break is the same days with me, so he suggested to me that go to New York together. I was glad to heard that. We had a plan this trip for two days. Mar. 22, we went to NY and watched a musical. I couldn't understand everything, but I could understand by his help. We watched musical 'producer.' It was so wonderful. When I watch a musical, I feel exciting all the time. Every actors and actresses was full of power. I was infected their energy.

Mar. 21

It is my younger uncle's birthday today. I visited him and had a dinner. All of food was made by my younger aunt. It was fantastic. I have never eaten great food like that. There were many people. My four cousins, two uncles, aunt, sister-in-law, and nephew were there. All of us were happy and interested. If it had not been spring break, I couldn't attend that party.

Mar. 19

Once two weeks, uncle, aunt, and I visit my cousin's house. There are my nephews. The eldiest is Mathew and another is Samuel. They are so cute. That day, I visited there. There were my cousin's family. We had a lunch. After that, I played with my nephews. Especialy, Matthew like racing game with me. I played the racing game almost every visiting, so I'm improving play the racing game. It was very funny time.

Thursday, March 02, 2006