Monday, March 27, 2006

Mar. 23

The days in NY were great. There was full of people and buildings, but maybe people who live in NY are too busy to see the sky. Buildings don't allow to see the sky also. The day 23rd, we left NY. That day, I saw the Goddess of Liberty is knocked-down statue. NY trip was great. I could saw many new things. NY is animated but full of avarice.


Blogger Boram said...

I want to go New York. It looks good. I want to see musical in broadway. I envy you; I want to write more but I don't. Writing is difficult for me; Bye~

11:54 AM

Blogger Nina Liakos said...

I don't understand about the "knocked-down statue." Are you referring to the Statue of Liberty? Why "knocked down"?

Do you think there is more avarice in New York than in any other large city?

7:51 AM


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